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Businesses should never undermine the importance of content analysis. It is the stepping stone to create a fruitful content marketing strategy. Conducting a content audit is like checking the health of your content, and in most cases, it needs to be improved.

Content analysis is crucial because it offers an accurate evaluation of your online content. It enables you to draw valuable insights from your previously posted content. Content audit helps you keep your content updated even when someone looks at it years after its original publishing date.

BoTree Digital is a leading content marketing agency that enables value maximization by conducting a comprehensive content audit. We analyze your content and identify the touch-points where improvements need to be made. Our content analysts thoroughly audit the content on every platform and help you decide what to keep, what to improve, and what to eliminate. We assess all the search engine indexed pages and measure the content against specific metrics to determine its performance. We offer data-driven insights from your content and create a detailed plan to optimize it. BoTree Digital assists you by -

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We conduct a content audit by:

  1. Collating your content and creating an inventory of indexed pages.
  2. Analyzing each content piece for identifying the gaps.
  3. Determining what has worked in the past and what didn’t.
  4. Identifying high-performing content and creating a content benchmark.
  5. Updating and eliminating content based on its performance.
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BoTree Digital understands the importance of content analysis and how it benefits your entire content plan. We leverage the best website and SEO content audit tools that provide a complete outline of your content and its performance. Our content marketing specialists conduct an analysis of different content types and determine your strengths to capitalize on and weaknesses to improve upon.

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No research without action, no action without research.

– Kurt Levin

how to perform content analysis

Website Content Audit

Identifying which pages are getting the most traction and which pages aren’t getting and eyes from the visitors.


SEO Content Evaluation

Determining which keywords are working for your content and how to create content around keywords without compromising with relevancy.

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Video Content Analysis

Understanding the engagement of the video content and how it can be improved for increasing the viewing duration.

BoTree Digital conducts Content Audits for Better Results

We help you to determine where your content lacks the most. BoTree Digital evaluates the entire content horizon, from format to platforms, and figures out how the new strategy should be made.

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