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How a dental clinic multiplied its digital footprint

There’s no such thing as too much content marketing and we proved this by bringing an average 412 sessions per day on all the 7 landing pages of the client's website. We also designed a highly responsive SEO-friendly website keeping their customers in mind which generated 30% better returns.

The Situation

Austin Dental Care is a dental clinic run by Dr. Glen Wainwright, a family and restorative dentist in Austin, TX. The clinic did not have a website and Dr. Glen wanted to have a digital presence.

Since he mostly served Westlake Hills Community, he wanted to showcase his services online to the local people. Without a website, this wouldn't be possible.

Along with that, there was also the need for a content marketing strategy. It would help him to reach more audience, deliver valuable information, and multiply his digital presence through a holistic approach.

Top Digital Obstacles

  • 75%

    Customers judge a company's credibility based on its website

  • 64%

    Companies find it difficult to produce engaging content

Case Study for Dental Care Clinic

The Project

SEO Friendly Website

Build an SEO-friendly and user-focused website

Content Strategy

Define a strategy for on-page and off-page blogging

Content Calendar

Determine content creation and distribution schedule

Case Study for Dental Care Clinic

The Challenges

Website Development

We needed to build a customer-driven website that could keep people hooked to the dental clinic. Since we started from scratch, there was no reference and we built from our own experience.

Keyword Identification

The client wanted to target the local community in Westlake Hills. We needed to build the right buyer persona. It would also require us to identify the user intent for building the marketing funnel.

Content Development

There was a need to create the right content to attract and engage the audience. It would require a lot of on-page and off-page blogs. We also needed to inform the customers about the services.

Prospect Engagement

We needed to find the right approach to problem solving and analyzing the content metric. After that, we could drive prospect engagement and analyze if the content resulted in conversions or not.

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The Process


Create an seo-friendly website with great user experience


Defining the content strategy and creating content calendar


Post relevant blogs that drive engagement


Track the results to measure website and content success

The Results

  • All the top 20 landing pages on the website have an average of 700+ sessions per month.
  • Top referral sites are being driven from off-page content marketing hubs, leading to higher traffic.
  • The strong backlink strategy resulted in 5,930 backlinks with 296 referring domains and 453 organic keywords.
  • The dental clinic is now a leading service provider for dental and oral health in Westlake Hills.
  • The integrated efforts of content marketing and SEO has resulted in achieving quality leads from the campaigns.

Current Website Status

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