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How we achieved 2x leads for an Immigration by Investment Company

Immigration by investment is always a challenging business. However, we made it easier for the client to generate leads. Our social media and content marketing experts delivered high-quality results that you can find in this case study. We created content for generating high ticket size leads.

The Situation

My Global Citizenship India's trusted President and citizenship planning. the company assists HNIs and UHNIs in the acquisition of residency, immigration, and citizenship through investment.

The company wanted to reach decision makers who can invest in a foreign country to obtain a permanent residency or citizenship for their family. for this to happen, money needed to good online presence.

Achieving this required a comprehensive content marketing strategy to educate the investors and provide them valuable information. Social media marketing was also needed to influence the decision makers and their families.

Top Digital Obstacles

  • 48%

    Companies do not have a social media marketing strategy

  • 64%

    Companies find it difficult to produce engaging content

Case Study for Investment Immigration Consultant

The Project

Social Media Marketing

Execute a holistic social media marketing strategy

Content Strategy

Define a strategy for on-page and off-page blogging

Paid Advertising

Facebook, Quora, and LinkedIn ads to generate leads

Case Study for Investment Immigration Consultant

The Challenges

Social Presence

The company had a limited social media presence. There were no posts on the platforms, so we did not have any reference. We would have to create the social media presence from scratch.

Content Developemnt

We would have to create a lot of informational content to educate the investors about immigration by investment. There was a need for a comprehensive content strategy.

Customer Profiling

The target audience price of high net-worth individuals and investors. We would have to identify them carefully, create a buyer persona, and choose the niche that we had to target.

Lead Generation

The ticket size of each lead is extremely high. Lead generation through paid ads was a challenge as reaching the investors with such a big amount will require maximum marketing efforts.

Loren ipsum

The Process


Create a social media & content marketing strategy


Develop high-quality content and social media posts


Promote the content and run paid advertising


Track the results to measure digital marketing sucess

The Results

  • We published and promoted 50 blogs in 6 months, which was 0 before that.
  • Top referral sites are being driven from off-page content marketing hubs, leading to higher traffic.
  • The paid advertising campaigns from LinkedIn resulted in an average of 34,000 impressions and nearly 300 clicks per campaign.
  • The Facebook paid ads led to an average increase of 800 paid likes per month.
  • We reached from 0 to 64 social media posts with high engagement in 8 months.
  • Digital marketing efforts yielded at least 5 high- qualty leads per month, average ticket size being CAD 200,000.

Current Status

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